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Get Your Child Sleeping

You are tired. You have read all the sleep coaching books. You have tried to sleep coach but your baby cried and you couldn't continue. You and your partner cannot decide on the right direction to go in to help your little one sleep. You want to know that the road to sleep coaching you choose to travel is the right one for your child. I can help you achieve this with my Sleep Coaching Programs.

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Quick Help (Phone Consultations)

Choose a 15 minute, a 1/2 hour or 1 hour telephone sleep consultations with a follow-up text. Perfect for parents who have a few questions or parents who don’t need a full sleep consultation package.


Premium Sleep Phone Program

Recommended for parents of children 6 months-7 years, with several sleep challenges including, no daily sleep, eating and activity schedule, bedtime troubles, night wakings, short naps or early rising

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In-Home Sleep Program

This is the ultimate sleep package. You will receive a comprehensive in-home consultation, a bedroom makeover, two overnights support to give the parents intensive support and on-going support.