Premium Sleep Cadets Sleep Program (Babies 6 months-7 years)


Premium Sleep Cadets Sleep Program (Babies 6 months-7 years)


Premium sleep coaching package for parents of children 6 months-7 years of age.

Package includes a 1-hour consultation and 8 phone coaching sessions (approx. 15 mins each, or a total of 2 hours) and a daily email exchange when you don’t speak on the phone, typically over the course of a four weeks.

Recommended for parents with several sleep challenges including, no daily sleep, eating and activity schedule, bedtime troubles, night wakings, short naps or early rising.

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Premium Sleep Cadets Sleep Program Includes:

Family Sleep History Form – Before our first consultation, you will receive a comprehensive intake questionnaire. Your answers will help us get really clear on your needs and goals so we jump right into our work when we first meet.

Comprehensive Phone Consultation – Ideally including both parents, our initial consultation will be about 60 minutes and then your Sleep Coaching Program begins. We’ll  focus on your family, determine where you need the most support, create a game plan for bedtime and discuss the Ideal sleep environment for your little one.

Eight 15-Minute Scheduled Coaching Calls – Scheduled at your convenience, coaching calls are designed to celebrate your accomplishments, answer your questions, trouble-shoot setbacks, and keep you moving forward.

Daily Email Correspondence – If you have any questions between our calls, just email me and I’ll respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

S.E.A Schedules – You will receive examples of what a typical daily schedule would look like for your child's age. (.pdf)

Member's Only Page – You will have 60 days access to our Member's Only Page. Here you will find: 

  • Achievement Award and Sleep Tickets
  • Sleep Manners Chart and Instructions
  • How To Be The Best Parent Possible Workshop Reading Material. This includes over 30 resources of materiel that will help you to address many of the problems that come up when parenting.

                    Such as:
                             -Parental Guilt, Article by Rebecca Kammerer
                             -Temperament Worksheet
                             -Positive Discipline
                             -Time-Ins vs. Time-Outs
                             -Why Children Misbehave
                             -And Many, Many More

This sleep package is good for up to 4 weeks from date of purchase.