What is Pay-Sleep-Forward and How Was It Born

Ever since starting my sleep coaching company, I have been discounting or giving my services for free to families who can not otherwise afford my services. Along the way I have helped thousands families achieve their goals of getting the much needed sleep that they needed, for their little ones, as well as themselves.  

I love the work that I do. I love the fact that I can simply talk with families regarding their sleep issues and give them support. However, it is clear to me that I too need help. That is why I came up with the idea of Pay-Sleep-Forward. When I looked at the total number of hours that I invested, assisting sleep deprived families, I realized that I too needed help in continuing to make this possible. I believe that a persons intention to why they do things is the truth to that persons character. Well my intention to is help as many people to learn to create healthy life long sleep habits. Just ask any of the families that I have worked with and they will tell you that I do not offer a pay-as-you-go packaged, that will last for limited number of phone calls. I offer true one-on-one support. There is so much more to my service then coaching. Let me show you what I mean. Over to the right you can read a lovely letter that Allison, once a pro-bono sleep client, sent to me. It was snail mailed to me in a lovely handwritten thank you card (who does these nice gestures that these days?) ---->

Thank you, once again for the amazing guidance and care. Eva is sleeping in her bed, alone and through the night...It has been a positive change for us all. We have turned focus back to us and our relationship, which we had been putting last. I feel like we have turned a corner as a family and it’s awesome. I cannot thank you enough. Not only do you give excellent guidance and advice but I really felt so comforted by all you said to me - like you were giving me a huge hug at the same time. There have been several times that I felt at my wits end as a parent and your words of wisdom and just overall understanding and caring got me through it. Thank you for being so awesome!
— Allison

How You Can Help

Our model is unique. We provide our coaching services for families who otherwise can not afford to pay a portion or in full.  Our hope is that each month, we can sponsor a new family (or two) with a contribution to a Sleep Cadets Sleep Package ( Sleep Shaping Program, Baby to Preschool Sleep Program or School Age Sleep Program. We hope to provide families in need of sleep with this basic life necessities during difficult times. Recipient families are vetted, and sleep services are provided, by Sleep Cadets, Inc. Or, you can choose to select a family that you know and in need of a sleep service and pay-sleep-forward in full and contact Sleep Cadet, Inc. to give them all of the contact information.

Pay-Sleep-Forward is such a meaningful way to show empathy and caring to another sleep deprived family because bestowing the gift of one of life’s necessities is such a concrete way to give. We hope that this will catch on to bring awareness to this not much talked about epidemic.  In fact sleep deprivation happens to almost each and every family, at some point or another.

Ways to Pay-Sleep-Forward


The Giver

You decide how much you would like to donate. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Choose from $25 on Up


The Sleep Shaper

Cover the cost of the Sleep Shaping Program $300


The Baby to Preschooler

Cover the Cost of the Baby to Preschool Sleep Program  $600


The School Age

 Cover the Cost of the School Age Sleep Program $700 

Note: Upon check-out you will presented with a form. Please fill it out. You may choose be credited for your contribution or you my choose to remain anonymous.

Rebecca's Sleep Deprived Story

I too was a sleep deprived parent when I had my twins about 8 years ago. I remember the mental, emotional and physical pain that I experienced at the lack of sleep. I still cringe and find myself holding my breath at the vivid memory's for those first few years of being a new parent and desperately lacking the much needed sleep I was unable to get.  Here let me give a glimpse in to the very early months with my twins.  

First off let me tell you that my husband and I were 100% on the same page with how we were to approach caring for our twins.  We had planed hiring a doula for the first two weeks after their birth. She would come four afternoons during the week (Tuesday - Friday) for four hours. We thought this would be enough time to recharge (sleep) as we would do everything else. I had decided to tandem nurse right out of the box or womb, so-to-speak (yeah, I know bad pun). 

Well is did not take long to learn that our perfectly sensible plan was not going to be our reality. First off, a newborn typically eats about every 2 hours. Let me break this down for you:  7am-feed for about an hour, 8am- after changing them and swaddling, you hope that they sleep. If they do not you then spend time, trying to get them to sleep or to stay asleep, 9am-it's time to feed again. 10am-feed for about an hour, 11am-diaper after changing them and swaddling, you hope that they sleep. If they do not you then spend time, trying to get them to sleep or to stay asleep, 12am--feed for about an hour. Do you see the pattern. This is how the entire day goes for a bunch more weeks! It is maddening!!!!!

Not to mention that you are trying to feed yourself, do dished, grocery shop, do laundry, shower, socialize (everyone wants to see the babies) and most importantly sleep. Which you can not do because you are too worked up with excitement and anxiety all at once. When the doula was to give us the break, my husband and I could not sleep. Believe me when I say we tried.  The doula Megan, (she really was so wonderful) would be in the living room caring for the babies. We would lie down in our bed, in our one bedroom apartment in NYC. But we could not sleep. As much as we tried we just could not will ourselves to sleep. It was so frustrating that I would cry.