Basic Sleep Cadets Sleep Program

This is for parents who need a new daily sleep, eating and activity plan but may not need extensive coaching.

Premium Sleep Cadets Sleep Program

Baby sleep coaching package for parents of children 6 months-7 years

Recommended for parents with several sleep challenges including, no daily sleep, eating and activity schedule, bedtime troubles, night wakings, short naps or early rising

Infant Sleep Shaping Program

Infant Consults for parents of children 4-5 month old

We will discuss the basics of sleep science at this newborn developmental stage. We will then create a gentle sleep shaping plan for your family.

Sleep Cadets In-Home Sleep Program

This is the ultimate sleep package.  Here your will receive a comprehensive in-home consultation, a bedroom makeover, two overnights support to give the parents intensive support and on-going support.

Refresher Program for Returning Clients

This package is for parents who have worked with me in the past, but are looking for a "refresher" for new occurring sleep difficulties.

Quick Help (Phone Consultations)

Choose between 15 minutes, a 1/2 hour or 1 full hour telephone sleep consultations with a follow-up text message. These are perfect for parents who have only a few questions or parents who don’t need a full sleep consultation package. They are also perfect as a refresher call for past clients.

S.E.A. Schedules (general guide to a child's daily schedule)

Figuring out a daily routine for your baby is no easy thing. How can you fit in all those feedings, naps, and diaper changes and still make it out of the house? How much should your baby be sleeping, eating and having activity — and when should this happen? How do other parents manage to shower, make meals, and spend time with their partner?