Quick Help (Phone Consultations)

Choose between 15 minutes, a 1/2 hour or 1 full hour telephone sleep consultations with a follow-up text message. These are perfect for parents who have only a few questions or parents who don’t need a full sleep consultation package. They are also perfect as a refresher call for past clients.


This package is for parents who already have a nice sleep routine but need a little guidance to make it better.

Sleep Shaping Program

Infant Consults for parents of children 4-5 month old

Baby to Preschool Sleep Program

Baby sleep coaching package for parents of children 6 months-3 years

School Age Sleep Program (Children 3 1/2 years-12 years)

Sleep coaching package for parents of children 3 1/2 year-6 years


This package is the ideal choice for parents who feel they will be able to implement a sleep plan on their own guidance but also prefer to meet with Rebecca and learn what to do in the comfort of their home.


Our half night package is often the choice of parents who are very overtired and would like in-person guidance. I arrive before bedtime and stay for a half night to give the parents support.

VIP In-Home Sleep Program

This is the ultimate sleep package.  Here your will receive a comprehensive in-home consultation, a bedroom makeover, two overnights support to give the parents intensive support and on-going support.

Refresher Program for Returning Clients

This package is for parents who have worked with me in the past, but are looking for a "refresher" for new occurring sleep difficulties.

S.E.A. Schedules (general guide to a child's daily schedule)