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Areas of Expertise


#1 Rebecca’s own sleep story

Growing-up in a dysfunctional home, Rebecca never knew what a good night’s sleep looked like as a child. Using the shear intuitive strength of insight, Rebecca knew there was a more loving way to live. Along her early adult experiences Rebecca was very fortunate to have been lead to some truly amazing people to learn what loving and happy home’s looked like. She was able to hone much of her innate understanding of how creating a loving bedtime routine would lead a child to feel more love and a heartfelt connection to one’s caregiver. Rebecca had the wonderful experience of studying with the amazing sleep coach Kim West. Rebecca is known for her no-nonsense wisdom she offers to families through her company Sleep Cadets. Highly motivational and humbly charm, Rebecca’s recipes for sleep success are chock-full of real life lessons. Not to be missed!


#2 Ten ways to lead your family to better sleep

Rebecca Kammerer built her company, Sleep Cadets, by working with families that were ready to make a positive difference in their child’s sleep habits. Rebecca shares her best strategies for creating an overall daily schedule to meet your family’s needs, using the right method of sleep coaching for your child and creating a fabulous bedtime routine, for creating an atmosphere of fun and love that breeds a secure attachment, and gives you the tools to pick-up the coaching, even when you have set-backs. Rebecca’s unique and practical lessons will help parents, caregivers, daycares and preschools learn healthy sleep habits.


#3 How to create a bedtime routine that will become a family long tradition

Consistency is one of the key components to sleep coaching. A great bedtime routine determines a third of your success. Rebecca Kammerer, founder of Sleep Cadets, shares her diehard advice on how to create a bedtime routine that you can tailor to your child, use yourself, and turn your child’s bedtime into a warm and loving time that they will remember their whole life. Rebecca can help anyone to craft a perfect bedtime routine and how to avoid the most common hang-ups of getting your child to bed. Here’s the inside scoop on bedtime straight from Rebecca!


#4 What is sleep coaching really like?

What is sleep coaching really like? At what age can a parent consider sleep coaching? Can a baby that is breastfeeding really be sleep coached? How long is can the process take? Through dozens of personal sleep coaching stories, Rebecca takes you on a journey of some of the wonderful and unique cases she has had the fortune of working with.  Rebecca will share the successful and not-so-successful sleep coaching experiences. You will learn why it worked for some families and on the rare occasion it did not work for others. Rebecca’s warm nature and wisdom will leave you clamoring for more!

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Please email to request an interview, book a speaking event, or arrange a private consult. sleepcadets@gmail.com

Rebecca’s Bio

Rebecca Kammerer’s background of work and study has greatly revolved around children, most importantly caring for children. She studied psychology at SUNY Purchase. She owned an in-home daycare and she was a live-in/out nanny for over 14 years. She has been in the pediatric sleep business for five years and recognizes that you are searching for answers. She have been personally trained and certified by "The Sleep Lady", Kim West as a Gentle Sleep Coach.

Whether you decide that co-sleeping, room sharing, or having your child in their own crib, bed or on a mat is for your family, Rebecca helps parents learn to obtain this. All the while guiding you on how to create healthy sleep habits for your entire family.

Most recently her studies have been based on “maternal depression and sleep training”. What she has learned is how the attachment process between the primary caregiver, who is going through depression and the child, can be negatively affected by using the cry-it-out method of sleep training, as well as how the baby’s brain can be altered due to prolonged bouts of crying. From this, she has created schedules to help with the overall health of a child. She talks with families of how it is important that the people supporting the depressed parent learn to recognize the signs of maternal depression and encourage them to seek help.

She is located in a pediatrician’s office (Happy and Healthy Pediatrics in Mineola, NY). What is wonderful about this partnership is, even though the practices go-to form of sleep training is the cry-it-out method, they are still open to the concerns of the parent who decide that that method of sleep coaching is not for their family. At which point they refer them to Rebecca.


"... I'm a developmental psychologist and a certified early childhood teacher, ...I don't hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone who experiences distress, frustration and worry about their child's sleep habits. Our daughter gained a great deal from the skills Rebecca helped us teach her; however, my husband and I equally benefited from the guidance, support, and encouragement from Rebecca. She taught us to trust our instincts and trust our daughter and what she was trying to communicate, while shutting out the chatter from well-meaning, but uninformed family and friends..."

-Andrea R., New York, N.Y.


"we are finally sleeping through the night (12 hours) and taking two scheduled naps for at least an hour and 15 min each! I’m not nursing to sleep anymore and she is not nursing in the middle of the night. We have an awesome routine..."

-Deb, Nick & OF COURSE MIA:), New York


"Rebecca Kammerer’s sleep coaching was an incredible support to me while I was sleep training my 15 month old son. Her thoroughness and attentiveness went above and beyond my expectations. It can be very daunting trying to get your child to sleep better, but with Rebecca’s expert guidance the process was smooth and successful. I highly recommend Rebecca’s services. She is a wonderful coach!"

-Lorraine Miller, Gratitude Writer, Speaker + Coach, GratitudeToBliss.com


"...After our first conversation, I began to feel that there may be some hope for us in correcting my son's terrible sleep pattern. My husband and I implemented the strategies that Rebecca recommended and were surprised with how fast our son responded. We now have the tools needed to help teach our son to self sooth and to fall asleep without carrying him around and rocking him to sleep..."

-Karen and Michael W., East Northport, N.Y.


"...With Rebecca's help, support, advice and guidance, we have found success and feel confident in our ability to help our son sleep well. Our entire family is happier and better rested thanks to Rebecca! She was and continues to be always available to help, and we could not have done this without her."

-Meredith and John Z., Oceanside, N.Y.


"...Rebecca is my third (and FINALLY the last) sleep trainer. So, it is safe to say that I am an expert in what to expect/get from sleep trainers out there..."

-Sonila K., Brooklyn, NY


"...It is now 3 weeks after starting the program and I am happy to say our daughter has been sleeping from 7:15pm-6:15am. There is no more screaming crying at bedtime or naptime and she successfully takes 3 naps a days."

-Liz V., NY


"...I needed help, and all I needed to do was ask for it. After speaking to Dr. Elissa Rubin one day, she recommended calling Rebecca. I sat on it for a while, and then made the call. It was the best thing I did, and I regret not calling her sooner! Rebecca is kind and compassionate and made me feel like I am not alone in the sleep deprived world. She offered me guidance and step by step support to get me through this difficult time..."

-T.C, East Williston, NY


"...We are so grateful we called Rebecca and we know Piper is a happier baby now that she is well rested." 

-Amanda M., Garden City, NY


"...Not only was Rebecca able to help give me practical ways of getting her to sleep but she also offered suggestions to make improvements overall for both babies. Rebecca’s support was unbelievable..."

-Cathy J., Long Island, NY


"...She led us to think about the way we parent, and how we need to alter our style of parenting based on the difference between our daughter's temperaments..."

-Dr. Elissa Rubin, Happy and Healthy Pediatrics


"Before meeting Rebecca I thought my kids would never sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. Using her program and guidance my twins can now sleep from 9 - 11 hours straight. Rebecca was very thorough and attentive to our needs as parents of twins. I am now recommending Rebecca to all my co-workers who have babies."

-Anthony M., Nassau County, NY


"...Rebecca was mindful and emphatic to the needs of a breastfeeding mother ..."

-Alison C., Long Island, NY


“Any family that is lucky enough to work with Rebecca will value her maturity, competence, exceptional natural abilities, attention to detail, dedication to her work and charming manner. It gave us peace of mind…”

-Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank


"...Rebecca gave us small assignments every few days that built on previous assignments’ progress so it never felt like we were going too fast for our daughter (or us!). ..."

-Lauren M., Lynbrook, NY


"...Within a few hours she had sent me an email summarizing all of the points we discussed ...Rebecca told me that even though it is too early to start formal sleep training; it is not too early to start healthy sleep habits. ...she gave me some good pointers on how to deal with a reflux baby..."

-Michelle M.


"...Sometimes just having a nonjudgmental ear was all I needed for the day, other times it was a tweaking of technique. Rebecca provided it all..."

-Ashley M., Long Island, NY