Webinar: Sleep Shaping Workshop

Webinar: Sleep Shaping Workshop

(for expectant parents and parents with children 0-to-6 months of age)
with Rebecca Kammerer, Pediatric Sleep Coach

Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (EDT)    l    $50 per person

At this hour long workshop you will:

- Learn how much sleep your newborn need.

- Learn gentle sleep and soothing tips for your baby

- Review a babies daily schedule based on a child's age.

- Learn a few sleep “shaping” strategies so you never have to sleep train your baby.

At the end you will be sent by email with the following docs and pdfs for your to reffrence:

- Newborn and Sleep

- Gentle Sleep and Soothing Tips for your Baby

- Example of a daily Sleep, Eating and Activity Schedule (aka S.E.A schedules)
-2 Hour Schedule
-3 Hour Schedule
-4 Hour Schedule
-4 Hour Sleeping through the night

Once you have sign-up up you will be sent details on how to join the WebEx webinar.

This webinar is interactive. You will follow along with a power point presentation as Rebecca explains how to go about sleep shaping. Questions can be presented live at the end of the call.

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