Shuffle Technique of Sleep Training

What does this method entail?

Put baby in down in crib drowsy but awake and stay by them..  Sit next to baby and offer words of encouragement, hold hand, belly rub, pat intermittently etc. Do not pick baby up unless they are getting to a hysterical point of crying. You may hold your baby to comfort him while standing next to the crib. Do not sit, rock, walk or leave the room. Once your baby is calm lie him down, sit in your chair and start patting and shushing. You stay in the room until the child is asleep and return to the chair if baby wakes up throughout the night (and it's not a designated feeding time).

Over a period of every two days or so move your chair further away from you child's crib. An example is two days beside the crib, two days in the middle of the room, two days inside the bedroom door, two days outside the bedroom door with the door slightly open. You are doing this while you are using less and less verbal comforting. eventually you will put your baby in his crib and falling asleep without you in the room.

Who is this method for?

This method is for babies who are 6 to 9 months, that have gotten the go-head from the child's pediatrician. This method, although it will almost certainly involve some crying, is labelled a 'no cry' method, or gentle sleep mehtod because of the level of parental intervention. You are there for baby every step of the way and aren't leaving them alone to 'cry it out'. While this method is 'gentle', it can be very difficult on the parents. It is hard to sit in your child's room and watch them cry while trying not to engage with them too much. As well, for children who are not used to having mom and dad nearby (i.e. children who were not previously co-sleeping), the presence of their parents may be more stimulating than comforting. That being said, this method is a great choice for parents who are trying to move baby to their own bed, and it also works well for toddlers who are used to having mom or dad lay with them until they are asleep.

How long does this method take?

The gentler the method, the longer it takes. Since this is on the gentler side, it can take up to 2 weeks to see full results. But of course, every child is different.

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse this method of sleep coaching, this is just meant to be a helpful description of a popular sleep coaching method.

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