Help Your Child Learn to Put Them-self to Sleep Workshop​

Presented by:  Sleep Cadets

Please join sleep expert Rebecca Kammerer to learn how you can stop bedtime battles with your little ones.

Children don't have an off switch. Often, when they're tired, they just reverberate faster, like an over-wound toy, until they crash.

Children need adequate sleep to rise to the developmental challenges that fill their lives, from controlling their temper on the playground to staying on top of their own bodily functions. Even the stress of saying goodbye to Mom and Dad when the babysitter comes can be handled more resourcefully by a rested child than a tired one. Your child doesn't know it, but he needs his sleep.

The good news is that falling asleep is a matter of habit, and all kids can learn it.

Come and learn:

  • Great Bedtime Routine
  • What to do for Night Wakings
  • How to set the Room for a Cozy Night's Sleep
  • Walk away with your very own, Bedtime Routine!

Remember to bring a pad and pen, as you will taking notes.

A WEEK prior to attending you will be sent an email with a link, where you will have access for 60 days to a FREE trial of our Members Only page. This is a special area on our site where you'll have access to tons of resource materiel that will help you to address many of the problems that come up, involving sleep and parenting issues. This is a value of $25 a month. 

Included on our Members Only page your will find links that will help to shape your child’s sleep. 

Such as:

•Example of a daily schedule (broken into groups by age)

•Temperament Worksheet (learn how to respond to your child's type of temperament)

•Self-Regulation (why this is so important for them throughout their life)

•Attachment (What a secure attachment looks like)

•And Many Many More!

Investment: General: $50/person / $90/couple / Walk-Ins: $60/person

DateSaturday, April 18th

Times and Age Groups:

9-10:20AM: Infants (0-12mos)

10:30-11:50AM: Toddlers (12-36 mos)

There is lot and street parking.

 All reserved seats are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future, "Help Your Child Learn to Put Themself to Sleep" workshop within six months, if one should be scheduled.