Angela's Story

I only discovered Sleep Cadets a few weeks ago after I heard you talk at Happy and Healthy Pediatrics (which was fantastic, by the way), but I wanted to share a quick, enlightening success story.

I have a sweet four month old son. He has always gone down to sleep at bedtime without a problem, but when he wakes in the night, he will cry until I pick him up and rock him. Now I have to tell you I have always used the crutch of swaddling him and have been dreading the time when he could no longer be swaddled. 

Well the other night I woke to find him awake and happily rolling all around his crib. He had busted out of his Miracle Blanket. My first reaction was to re-swaddle him ASAP and get him back to sleep quick.  Instead I thought about what you said in your Sleep Workshop, if a baby is breaking out of their swaddle it is time to get rid of it. You also said that if a baby is happily hanging out in their crib, then to simple let them be. So, I took out the swaddle and gave him a few pats on his touchy and walked out.

I was sure he was going to cry, so I stood outside his door, monitor in hand watching for the slightest distress call. Much to my delight and complete surprise there was nothing. I must have stood their by the door of his room for about 45 minutes. Finally I went out to the living room and laid down on the couch, knowing for sure I would be jumping once he finally realized that he was alone and without his swaddle. That was the last thought I remembered having.

I woke hours later to to the sun peeking through my living-room window. I sat up and looked at the monitor. There he was fast asleep. I could not believe my eyes. I felt so proud of that little boy, that he was able to settle himself without my assistance.

I want to thank you for the work that you do to help parents maneuver through the unknown world of pediatric sleep.